Seoul Part I

Thu 7/14, day 29 We said our goodbyes after breakfast and left the Collins’ around 9:30am. Dan was kind enough to drive us to the same Busan train station that they had picked us up at, though this time when we got there, the parking lot was completely full (cars were backing up the wrong Read More

Korean Food

Oh Korean Food we love you! So many different flavors. Lots of fried goodness. Everything with intentionality. Beautiful presentation. Meticulous dicing and matchstick-ing of vegetables. We will definitely be hunting down Korean restaurants, ingredients and recipes once we get back to Orlando (beyond our favorite Korean BBQ Taco Box food truck).         L to R: Read More

Busan Part X

Mon 7/11 – Wed 7/13, day 26-28 The last few days of our time in Busan run together: we all played basketball together, played cards together, got ready to travel to Seoul. The boys all went out to Home Plus for dude time and to pick up some groceries. Asher and Calvin love this little Read More

Busan Part IX

Sun 7/10, day 25 Church was easier for me today and I even interviewed a Canadian about the political situation in the US and his perspective of Korean politics as an expat. After church, we debated for a little while about what we wanted to do. Nate was feeling pretty tired and in need of Read More

Busan Part VIII

Sat 7/9, day 24 Calvin’s present from us came in the mail and so Nathan and Annie spent the morning playing Chinese Checkers with the kids. We thought this would be a good gift, a) it’s a 6 player game, and there are 6 Collins, b) it was one of Nathan and Annie’s favorite games Read More