Nepal II: Hiding out/Hanging out

Tue 7/19-Fri 7/22, days 34-37 Amy: PJ and Lizzy live in a Tibetan section of town near the Swayambhunath (Monkey) Temple. Colorful prayer flags are everywhere. There are numerous refugee groups in Nepal and about 15,000 from Tibet, which is less than 50 miles north of the valley. I think Nathan and I were both Read More

Nepal Part I

Mon 7/18, 2016, day 33 Nathan: Somewhere over China just north of Thailand This is just amazing. I’m watching the map change on the screen in front of me on our Korean Air flight from Seoul to Kathmandu. I am physically over a part of the planet I’ve never even been close to. We are Read More

Seoul Part IV

Sat 7/16 – Sun 7/17, days 31-32 On Saturday, Amy found a cool looking market of hand-made goods to go check out not too far from us, so we headed out in the morning, a 20 minute walk or so to the subway station then just one stop from Digital Media City to Hongik University. Read More

Seoul Part III

Fri 7/15, day 30 continued We were feeling a weird mix of worn out and restless, and wrestling with our choice of where to stay in Seoul and the difficulty of navigating around with such a large language barrier. You know how sometimes you just feel emotionally stopped up and don’t know how to let Read More

Seoul Part II

Fri 7/15, day 30 Having looked at the map of the area we were staying in (Sangam) a bit more, we decided it would be reasonable to walk to the Han river. By this time I had gotten a little bit more familiar with the Korean maps/navigation app. When we got down near the river, Read More