Amy and Nathan loving sharing their passions on the stage at TEDx Orlando, Pecha Kucha, and Nerd Nite. Nathan is an artist and programmer who frequently participates in Orlando events like Art in Odd Places and the Creative City Project. Amy teaches 7th grade and is still trying to start the revolution; meanwhile, she enjoys announcing at the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls’ bouts (http://opcdg.org/). This summer they’ll be circumnavigating the Northern hemisphere – you can follow their journey here!

Summer 2016: Circumnavacation!
Summer 2015: Cancer Journey continued; Baltimore and DC
Summer 2014: Cancer Journey
Summer 2013: Paris and the Netherlands
Summer 2012: Baltimore, Maryland
Summer 2011: Portugal and Spain
Summer 2010: Hungary and Austria
Summer 2009: Bicycle tour from Orlando to Fargo, ND (1000 miles!) and further travel to Banff
Summer 2008: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands