Busan Part II

Thu 6-30 – Sat 7/2
Days 15 – 17

For the next few days we just chilled out and recovered from jet lag. We had one day that was super hot and we went to a playground, but we were too tired to do anything else. And the forecast? Rain for the next two weeks. Hot and rainy. Cooped up while being jetlagged didn’t seem so bad, but after three days, we really wanted to get outside.

But you know what you can do while it’s raining? Write songs on the ukulele, go to amazing restaurants, and try and learn Hangul (Korean letters). Annie, Dan, Nate, and I stayed up late every night playing cards: spades, Oh Pshaw, rummy. We did a lot of laughing and the kids told us to quiet down, more than once.


Nate journal entry excerpt from 6/30:
30 minutes of quiet reading time is going on right now. Amy’s with Phoebe, Asher & Calvin. We’re in Busan, South Korea – 16 hours ahead of SF where we came from, 13 hours ahead of home. Crazy. It’s been over 3 1/2 years since we’ve seen my sister and her family. It’s so good to be here. The kids are much older than the last time we saw them. They each have fun and unique personalities and it’s fun to get to know them again. Calvin (almost 4) is super cute, very independent, a risk taker (seems like so far). Asher (6) is loving and loves (really loves) hugs. Annie says he has an engineer’s mind. We played with legos and lincoln logs. Phoebe (8) is funny, talented, loves her sister. We did origami together. Maddy is a little lady – Dan says 9 going on 19. Very talented songwriter – she sang a song about moving that was amazing, lyrically and melodically. We’ll work on the chords together later.


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