Next summer, 2016, we’re embarking upon an adventure around the world. Yes, we are circumnavigating the Northern Hemisphere. We plan to stop in:

  1. San Francisco to see family and friends
  2. Busan, South Korea to see Nathan’s sister Annie and her husband, Dan, and their kids, whom we haven’t seen since they moved there near the end of 2012
  3. Finland, where the Bridges Math Art conference is this summer
  4. Iceland, on our way back home aboard Iceland Air, where you can stopover no charge for up to a week. From Iceland, we’ll fly back home to Orlando and will have traveled over 17,700 miles through the air and spent nearly 2 months away from home.

We will be doing a few projects on the road/plane and invite you to follow along via our blog (this one)!

Here’s where we’d love to hear from you: our itinerary isn’t fully set yet. Where have you been along our travel route (very loosely speaking) that you’d suggest visiting? Or do you have a connection that could host us or show off their city/village/mountain? Some additional places we’ve thought of going to include: Nepal to work on a Habitat for Humanity project, and Russia to travel the Trans Siberian Railway for a bit. We’ve spent a lot of time in mainland Europe, but none in Scandinavia and very little in Asia.