Bridges Baltimore 2015

Cancer made it impossible for us to attend our favorite eclectic conference, Bridges, in the summer of 2014. Our original plan had been to visit Nathan’s sister and her family in Busan, South Korea, and then attend the conference in Seoul. We were really sad to miss that time with Nathan’s family and with our conference family.

This year, we didn’t really know if we would be able to attend, since we didn’t know how quickly I would recover from reconstructive surgery. But we hoped and planned on attending if at all possible, which was made easier by the location (Baltimore, Maryland) and the flexibility and generosity of the conference organizers.

It was such a great feeling to be back at the conference, and traveling again. Dealing with cancer becomes the “main thing” and robs you of the ability to be who you are. A big part of that for us is travel, and dreaming big dreams.


Here I am sitting at a cafe in Baltimore near our lovely Airbnb hosts’ row house, dreaming about the next travel adventure, which will happen approximately on the one year anniversary of reconstructive surgery. ┬áNathan said the last time I had this look in my eye, we were planning on riding our bikes to Canada.

More soon…

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  1. Don’t EVER stop dreaming about the next adventure. Some say that doing so is a sign of restlessness. Some of us know that is a sign of LIVING. Just so happy you are still planning.

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