Thank You Part 3: My School

  1. T-shirt campaign: rock star pink shirts reading: “Fight like a girl with Pirate-i-tude”; a sea of pink everywhere on campus.  The assistant principal’s husband printed for free and donated all the profits.  The school secretary coordinated the selling and distribution for the entire school, and their families, and the community.
  2. A few 4th graders started making rubber band loom bracelets and sold them to the students; they split the money between myself and the school nurse who was battling a different illness.  They call themselves the Hope Loomers.
  3. Second graders selling water and drinks.
  4. A student’s mom’s office give to a different cause once a month; they gave me that month’s donation.
  5. I don’t recommend or endorse, but it was so special: one student went door to door in her neighborhood collecting money in an envelope for her teacher who was sick…me.
  6. The health class created a 5K event and the nurse and I split more generosity.
  7. To my students, old and new, I fight for myself, but I fight because you are my encouragement on days when it was hard, when it is hard.  You help me in ways you will never know.  You have more power than you know and just because you are young, doesn’t mean you have to wait to show the world the power and joy that you have and are.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”    

–Margaret Mead