Thank You Part 2: Our (older) Friends

  1. This friend: lovely and reliable through and through, we love her so much. Thank you KK.
  2. We miss these two, but we know you’re still here; you are in our hearts and we’ll be in your lives, especially since my god-daughter lives with you. Thank you S & J.
  3. Having friends who are medical professionals was instrumental in the beginning, thank you for all of our questions. KW, thank you for always staying in touch.  Thank you AH, KW, JW.
  4. Many of our friends have moved away.  It was a year of babies for most of them according to social media.  Thank you still for all of the ways you loved us, even as you were just hanging on.  Thank you B & N, K & M.
  5. Where do you put family? In a separate category?  I think I’ll keep family with old friends because I think I’d be friends with these amazing people even if I wasn’t related to them.
    1. Mom: offered to help as much as she could in between telling her contractor that the roof indeed must be plumb.  I could cry and be held.  Comforter is the word that comes to mind.  Whether it was laying on the couch being held while I cried, or making a run to a Swedish furniture store to make my living room an easy place to heal after my surgery.
    2. Dad: knowing the questions to ask the people when we were at chemo; flying back and forth between the corporate and family worlds; making sure there was a great bottle of wine at the end of it all.
    3. Big brother and sister: friend, your friendship means the world, your life was turned-upside-down and yet we all still walked together in the midst of it.
    4. C & J for encouraging us the whole time.
    5. Younger brothers who know how to warm our hearts and make us laugh.
    6. To my other sister friend on the other side of the planet with her beautiful family, we miss you so much and hope to see you soon.  Thank you, A, D, M, P, A,& C.
  6. Old friend, sharing this crazy reality as you came through town.  Sharing a 6 pack of good dark beer, sitting in hammocks over the water as the sun disappeared.  Not that you should move back here, but Florida does have some amazing sunsets, old friend.  Thank you MJ.