Thank You Part 1: Our (newer) Friends

  1. A couple gave a gift for every chemotherapy which arrived the day before all 16 rounds. Some were useful and came in the chemo bag to the hospital, others just fun or sweet. We didn’t know these two well and maybe I still don’t, but they’re a big part of being able to maintain a positive attitude throughout this process.  We love them very much.  Thank you M & C.
  2. I had only met this person a few times and I had already experienced his generosity, but in the beginning of the online crowd funding campaign, he spurred everyone’s actions with an incredibly generous donation.  We were humbled.  Since then, he’s been a friend, especially to Nathan; taken us out to eat a few times, and just has been awesome. Thank you S.
  3. Another friend is funny and caring, generous and compassionate.  I cannot thank you enough.  We can have deeply spiritual conversations one minute, and raucous irreverence the next.  I like that you hit like a girl.  I’m up for the batting cages any time. Thank you EP.
  4. Almost every Monday this couple would bring us homemade delights and share their lives, hopes, and a lot of laughter. Thank you B & B.
  5. It started as just a meal plan, to ease Nathan’s food-making load.  But it was incredible to see our friends manage this list in the midst of their own family’s turmoil.  Their upside-down story reflected our own, but without cancer.  They are lovely and wise; strong and brave; some of my favorite people to pray with or share well-aged bourbon.  Thank you C & C.
  6. This friend was friends with a wonderful yoga instructor and was able to bring her to our house for private yoga. This friend would come over for long walks and find new and exciting things each time.  This friend set up a secret warehouse with doors and paint and balloons and we made magic.  This friend trusts when someone tells you his name is John Trustworthy, that he isn’t lying.  Turns out he was, but she made me a believer, I’m not sure in what.  Thank you CM.
  7. A stranger who heard about our story sent over 2 giant gift bags filled with incredible goodies.  The card looked like it had a pack of cards shoved in it.  I started bawling a few lines in: her sister was my age last year when she was diagnosed with a similar breast cancer and she had purchased all of the things that had made chemo easier on her sister: special lotion, lemon drops, special mouthwash and toothpaste to get rid of the bitterness, magazines, crossword puzzles, pretzels, etc. On a yellow legal pad note was a list of all of the gifts and what each one had done for her sister.  Then for that deck of cards, it was about $500 worth of gift cards for buying music and movies, to a million different restaurants incase we didn’t want to think about food.  We just cried for a while because it was so special and humbling.  How can I ever repay their kindness? That’s what the brain does.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  8. My doctors kept telling me I needed to get up and be active, since I couldn’t do derby, so over the summer I invite social media to meet up and walk.  90% of the time it was just me and one other person, but it was really special that he kept showing up. GoT.
  9. Still getting to know these folk in the last few months, but have appreciated seeing them around.  Witty banter and brotherly love.  B & M
  10. To anyone who brought us a meal or a gift card, it meant the world to us.

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