How to Tell People

Crowd sourcing and roller derby really did save my life.

One of my roller derby crew called me up and said, “Can we raise some money for your medical costs?”


5 hours later, social media explosion. Derby girl has cancer! Friends who didn’t know now knew. What can we do? Derby community near and far, and some unknown, sharing and liking and sharing and donating.

Five thousand, then ten thousand, fifteen, and finally twenty. Booty for Boobies for Pirate-i-tude (that’s me). Most people don’t have a lot of money, but people gave a lot of money.

Derby girls: strong, beautiful, fierce, but lovely and generous and will pour their hearts out for a cause. I’m so humbled that for a time, you let me be your cause. You loved me so well and so much.

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  1. so, so, so amazing to hear…..thank you for sharing….this bring tears to my eyes….stay strong Amy and congratulations on a successful fight!!

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