Time to Clean Up the Spilt Milk

You know when you spill something? It’s annoying, but we know how to clean it up: grab a towel, sop up the mess, put down a different towel and step on it to let the towel take the milk up, see if it’s dry, see if it stained the carpet, put down some special shampoo and wait for it to dry, then vacuum that up.

That’s how cancer felt at first.  Not a full reality, but something to take care of and move on from.

For example, they said, “Here’s the list of doctors you now need to go see.”

Breast surgical specialist, oncologist, fertility specialist, cardio oncologist, nutrition expert, chemo class, break from doctors, then the headaches, neurologist, psychologist, radiation oncologist, oncologist, oncologist, oncologist, breast surgeon, plastic surgeon and back and forth.