The Past Year and a Half in Fast Forward

[Hey there! It’s been awhile since I wrote about my cancer journey, but now’s a great time to reflect and catch everyone up. I’ve been cancer free for about a year, and it happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’ll be posting a blog every day for the next two weeks, then we’ll tell you about our next big travel adventure!]

Lump, big lump, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsies, diagnosis, MRI, port surgery, chemo, shots, shot in your butt every month, blood work again and again, chemo, shots, okay repeat, break, chemo, chemo, chemo, repeat, break, start school, then surgery to remove breasts and all the cancer, break, ok really recovery, really 4 weeks of hell, well 6 weeks, then back to school, radiation x 30, recovery, blood tests show CANCER FREE, hormone therapy (thank God it’s just a pill), wait, now try this pill, no wait we have new research so go back to this pill, relax, done with radiation, my skin never will be though, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, still cancer free, expand tissue expanders to make room for reconstructive surgery summer 2015, expand expanders, repeat, repeat, still cancer free, summer’s here, now we rebuild you, take your belly fat and make new breasts, can’t stand straight up for weeks, now I have a walker, NO CAFFEINE for 6 weeks, at least teachers have the summer off, laying low, walking slowly, very slowly, 6 weeks out now CAFFEINE, Baltimore and DC adventure, now back at school, going full tilt, STILL CANCER FREE.

6 Replies to “The Past Year and a Half in Fast Forward”

  1. I feel like this was one of those videos someone makes when they time lapse a DIY. hehe.
    I’m so glad you’re cancer free and so sorry you had to go through all of that CRAP. I’m glad you have such a wonderful husband and support system to see you through all of this.
    Much Love, Katy (aka Harley Hellrazer aka Skaty Jones aka that girl who moved back to MD/WV)

  2. And through all that God remained your constant strength. Its so amazing to see you smile. Its always been your greatest asset. I love you friend! Keep fighting the good fight. Mad love!!!

  3. PRAISE GOD! So happy I got to see your gorgeous self, so thankful the cancer is gone-sies. May the Lord be pleased to keep it that way forever! You’re amazing.

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