Getting to Pecs, Hungary

We decided not to bike to the Bridges conference this year. Also we didn’t row across the Atlantic. But we did take planes and cars and many hours: Orlando to JFK(2 hr flt + 2 hr layover) JFK to Zurich, Switzerland, (1 hr pre-flt taxiing, 8 hour flt, 6 hr time change added), fought to stay awake in Zurich, up by 4:30 am to catch a 6:50 flt to Budapest, 1 1/2 HR flt to Budapest, 2 1/2 hr non-ac shuttle to our intended destination: Pecs, Hungary.
Your challenge: approximate number of hours it took of vehicle transportation to get us from Orlando, Fl to Pecs, Hungary. 1st correct response posted to site gets a postcard from our travels sent to them.