Plant identification

I’m working on getting the names of all the plants in our yard (common and scientific) so I can learn about them, take better care of them, move them if they need more/less shade, etc.

Anyone know what these are?

1. Nondescript bush in the foreground

Still unknown…

2. Spiky dangerous plant, maybe Spanish Bayonet?

Century Plant / Agave (tequilana?)

3. Zebra-striped grass-like plant

Sansevieria trifasciata / Mother-in-law’s Tongue

4. Another spiky plant, not dangerous

Still unknown…

5. I'm most curious about this one right now. I think it's a legume, as it has little bean pods

Vinca rosea / Periwinkle

6. Another purple flower

Kaempferia laotica / Peacock Ginger

Coming soon: the rest of the story!

For those who haven’t heard yet, we’re back home safe and sound! Sorry for the long delay in posts. We’ll be writing about the last couple of weeks of our trip soon. Meanwhile, here are some pics of us… this is my 2 month beard 🙂