Day 31: Mahtomedi to Cambridge, MN

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mahtomedi, MN to Cambridge, MN (51 miles)

Last night, looking at the weather forecast, we agreed to wake up at 6 and check the radar, hour by hour, etc ( and see whether it was raining outside 🙂

This morning, it looked pretty bad, “on paper” at least. That is, there was a large mass of rain producing clouds headed east from the Dakotas, rain was forecast basically all day and night, with the possibility of severe thunderstorms. So, we decided to go back to sleep and leave tomorrow. Bummer to delay again, but the conditions weren’t looking good at all.

I’m no good at falling back asleep.

I made some coffee, ate breakfast, checked email, and watched the weather. All I can say is, I no longer have any faith in the weather channel’s “hour by hour”. The predictions moved all over the place. I watched the mass of rain move over and past the twin cities area, and the rain never hit Mahtomedi. Things were clearing up both outside and on the radar, so I got Amy up at about 10, and we left around 11:45, bidding farewell to inventor and host extraordinaire, Mark.

It was a beautiful day for riding. Sun, tailwind, and a bunch of paved bike trails for most of the way. There were a couple of areas with more traffic and narrower shoulders than we would have liked, but on the whole it was quite lovely.

Hit up Tasty Asia Take-Out in Wyoming, MN if you get the chance. Excellent fresh food, generous portions, and great prices.

Tonight we used our new cook pot cozy for the first time and it worked great! Instead of simmering the stew for 15 minutes, we took it off the heat after boiling and stuck it in the cozy for 15 minutes. Voilà! Thanks again Theresa.

Our first meal from the new brand of dehydrated camp food we’re trying out was ok. It tasted good but was way too salty (chicken stew).

There’s a lot of ambient noise where we’re camping tonight, making it hard to fall asleep. Hence me writing this at 10:30, when I would normally be asleep 🙂

6 Replies to “Day 31: Mahtomedi to Cambridge, MN”

  1. Greetings Nathan and Amy! Am listening to an old album, The Pentangle, Sweet Child (Nate, one your Mom turned me on to, from our challenging teen years) and have just caught up on all your latest adventures. Incredible. I was completely absorbed, and love that you include the photos. Hope the passport dilemma is resolved soon. Love and blessings to you, on your continuing journey across the USA. You two rock! Aunt Marcia

  2. Wow, I actually got completely caught up. I’m in Boston, as in MA, attending a big scientific meeting, ISTH (Int’l Soc Thromb Haemost) that happens every two years. Stuck in my hotel room for the past few hours (sadly, working, though it is amazing how much you can get done when not in your own office, no phone ringing, no fax machine bleeping, you get the picture). Anyway, did you come up with a way to get your passports? I assume you called Joel C to keep an eye out for their arrival back in Orlando. Could he overnight them to you at a specific address where you are right now? Of course, you’re probably way ahead of me on this one.
    Tall ships are in Boston and people go nuts to get on board, sail a bit, have a cook out, etc. Costs bundles, but probably worthwhile if you’re into that sort of thing.
    Looking forward to new updates.
    Love, Dad C

  3. Thanks again for all the smiles that I’ve had by reading your blog! Our departure is next Wednesday and I doubt I’ll be able to follow your blog anymore until we leave the country (life is crazy, Internet will go down soon, etc.). Blessings on your trip and hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on your adventure once we’re set up in Nigeria.

  4. Hey! Finally caught up. All your stories are fun to read. Continue having a safe and exciting trip!!!!

  5. I think you guys should write a book based on your adventures when you get back. or even a made for TV movie would be fun!

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