Safe in St. Paul, MN

Just a quick update because we’re exhausted from days of biking uphill and into the wind. We’re in St. Paul, Minnesota for the July 4th weekend, hanging out with Amy’s friend Naomi, her brother Dan and boyfriend Joel. We know we’ve fallen behind on blog posts and hope no one was worrying too much! Many stories to come as we recoup this weekend!

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  1. Hiya Nathan and Amy! Happy 4th of July. Glad to know you are doing well and have arrived in Minnesota, the land of the “Minnesota Nice” and Ya sure you betcha. I have been following your trip and love reading about your amazing journey. Enjoy the holiday! Cheers to you both.

  2. So excited for Amy to get in touch with Naomi and renew old acquaintances! You can be assured that she and Nathan will be well cared for. Naomi called me and was busy thinking of what their needs would be and very willing to accommodate. Hi to Mom & Dad C! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you. Loved reading the blog and you can bet we will continue.

  3. Hey Nathan,

    Just wanted to say happy 4th and keep on trekin through the rough lands of our americas and beyond. Don’t forget to stay away from big white trash weirdos and small inbread towns. Just my way of saying I care.


  4. I love St. Paul Minnesota. I used to live there. Say hi (to everyone in the city) for me.

  5. I hope you’re giving out big thank you’s to these wonderful people who are providing rides, lodging, time, money and more for you on your journeys!

  6. To Returning Favors: Of course we are eternally grateful to all of our helpers along the way!

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