We love your comments!

We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for joining us on this journey by reading our blog and leaving comments. Your encouragement and love get us through the day when we’re facing down dogs, heat, bugs, wind, and miles and miles of road!

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  1. Sweet! We like giving them. A quick request, which you should only worry about if you have time: every time I read this, I’m curious what actual day you’re talking about. Like, was Day 18 yesterday June 28 or 29, or like 6 days before that? I’m always trying to figure out what I was doing on a day when you did a certain something.

    I also suggest you add “Amy” or “Nathan” as a tag, to show who wrote what. In the last few there have been eventual unmistakable clues after a few sentences or paragraphs, but they’re not always there. It’s hard to imagine your voice without knowing who it is!

    But enough with my silly demands. You’re awesome, and you should ignore me.

  2. It was good having you stay with us. After I got back to work I found out that the Cedar Valley trail has indeed been closed in that one spot because of last year’s flooding, sorry. I hope you were able to exit to a road and bypass it without too much trouble.

  3. I’ve been checking in every few days or so, but silent until now. I’m very inspired and a little envious of your adventures. I’m sure that in a few years time I’ll be embarking on a similar journey. May your wheels stay true and your frames stay vertical!

  4. It’s such a gift to have the courage to throw caution to the wind, live life in the moment and fight fear with love. I have the greatest admiration for you both! Thank you for taking the time to share your adventures with the not-so-brave! Be safe…

  5. We assume you are heading up to WI – will you get to see Charity & Mike, Marce & Phil & Alex? Wouldn’t that be great?!! We are having extraordinary weather in DE. After two nights of horrendous thunderstorms that dumped over 2″ of rain on us, Friday – Sunday will be sunny, low 80’s and, yes, breakfast at Wimbledon. In case you have not kept up, the Andys are playing in one men’s semi tomorrow am, that is Andy Roddick vs Andy Murray (the great Brit hope), while in the other semi, Roger will take on Tommy, as in Tommy Haas!! What a day this will be. Meanwhile, Serena and Venus prevailed in their semi’s and meet for the final on Saturday. We love you guys and pray for you each day. May the Lord be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path!!
    Dad C

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