Day 17: Quincy Part Deux

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Quincy, IL (20 mi / 32 km)

Oh man right where I last left off. Ah, yes, I was falling asleep and heard our noisy neighbors cussing at each other and then I must have fallen asleep and I heard some scratching outside of our tent. I heard whatever it was knock off the Frisbee. I woke up Nathan and asked him to check it out. He looked out and saw nothing. I still heard it and he shone his headlamp at the table and still, nothing. He looked at the clock and it was 4:30. We were getting up at 5, so we just decided to get up then.

We were doing really well at getting ready. We were on the road by 6:15. We were zooming down a road that used to be called Paved Road. Its right on the river bluffs and shady. We knock out 8 miles in 35 minutes which is great for us. Yeah!

We stop to take a quick break when we hear a pop by Nathan’s back tire. I just think that he hit a rock (we weren’t moving). He looked down and he had broken a spoke again on the cassette side. You’d think we’d learn our lesson, nope, not us. The same thing happened the day before but we didn’t pick up the tools for it to happen again. We bought a cheaper wheel and it couldn’t withstand the weight. Ah!

Nathan tried and tried to get the cassette off (its the gear looking thing on the back wheel) to no avail. If we kept going, the spokes would keep break and the next bike shop was 72 miles away, or we could go back to town to the bike shop we’d used the day before. Decisions, decisions.

A cyclist named Shelly road by and we flagged her down. She called her father, who is retired, to come and pick us up with his truck. People are awesome is all I have to say. When we need help, we get it.

We waited about 20 minutes and loaded the stuff in the truck and Nate sat in the back.

JD (I think that’s his name) and his wife are both retired and love to be active. He was telling me that they ride a tandem bike, but he gets a little frustrated when his wife (on the back of the bike) sits up to catch wind once they reach 50 mph down hill. I said that I think I’d get a bit scared too if I were 50 mph on a bike. Fun people everywhere!

We then headed to a grocery store called Hy-Vee that also had a restaurant. I think it is the nicest grocery store I’ve ever been to and I’m a Publix snob. Everything was clean and bright and looked good to eat.

We made it to the bike shop and Nate got a new fancy wheel that we hope will do the trick. I now probably have 2 hours of my life just waiting and looking at all of the bikes in the shop. They have a large collection of old Schwinn bikes. The oldest bike I saw was bike made in the 1890s. They had a 1905 Pope and the shifter leverl 1970s bikes with banana seats.

We left in search of a gift shop on 12th and Main. After wandering around for a bit and asking for directions, we found it. The shop was a part of a museum, but it had postcards. Nobody has postcards any more.

We realized that we had forgotten Nate’s old wheel at the bike shop and had to bike back and get it and tie it with a string to the back of his bike and then go to the old post office. It is a really old building. I wish that we spent less time retracing our steps. But of course, this is life.

I’m in the public library typing this in the cool AC. What a day so far.

Late Day Update: Nathan Stung By Wasp While Retrieving Red Gatorade
Earlier: Amy Trips Over Metal Tent Peg, Cuts Foot
In Between: Amy Falls With Bike For A Record 7th Time

Status: Nathan okay, but has a booboo
Amy okay, but is a bit ornry. She is tired of falling.

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  1. WOW! I just got caught up on your adventures! It’s SO COOL to hear how great people are out there. Keep safe!

  2. Hey guys glad to see your still alive and pedaling… We have been thinking about you guys and your adventure. Well keep blogging and we’ll keep reading. Good luck hope you have reached cooler weather…..

  3. Hj Nate and Amy, this is the 3rd time I’ve tried to writea funny little note to say I’m sure glad Nathan didn’t turn out to be an ax murderer but each time it disappeares before I can send it and tell you how proud we are of you guys and how much we are missing you!! I’m sending Mom a printed copy of your adventures because she will love it, and she prays on her knees for you everyday. I’m getting scared this will disappear again so I’m sending it. We love and pray for you . Love Mom C

  4. I’m not sure you guys are ready to be tour guides yet but you sure are finding out where all the bike shops are and they probably appreciate your business. Before the trip is out they might even sponser you if you come back that way. Grandma is doing better and we are ssssso thankful to the Lord for helping her. Love Mom C

  5. Just updating the “Name” since Mom C is entering comments. Love, Dad C

  6. Ok, so I am just checking in for the first time (17 days late, eeek!)
    I am so proud of you and can’t wait to sit back tonight and read about your first 17 days on the road.
    Miss you, Wonder Woman!

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