Day 11: How to rent a car

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Tallahassee, FL (0 mi / 0 km except driving around town a bit)

After I hurt my arm we decided to take a train out of the south. No Amtrak trains are running from Tallahassee at all since Hurricane Katrina. So then we were going to rent a car and drive to New Orleans and take a train north to St. Louis. We found out that there are no direct trains to St. Louis. We were trying to hook up with our adventure cycling maps outside of the south. It is so hot! We would have to box our bikes on the train. Ugh!

Then we determined that it would be cheaper or equal to rent a car and drive all the way. The bike shop couldn’t take our bikes until Friday. So we kept on letting my arm heal. We were going to pick up the car early Saturday morning.

We took our bikes into Sunshine Cycles. They didn’t look too hopeful that it would be done by the end of the day.

Adam and Casey were headed down to Miami for Danny & Lindsey’s wedding. So we decided to pick up the car early.

So we went to the airport. Nate went in and I waited with Adam and Casey in case anything went wrong. I headed in to make sure we were good to go and Nate said we were. So I went and said good bye. Just after they pull away Nate comes running out.

So he goes running after them, but they didn’t see him so they keep going. I call them and Adam answers, “What did you forget?”

So they circle back and it turns out that my VISA backed debit card does not count as a credit card for National. We didn’t bring an acutal credit card. Adam and Nathan went in and Adam had to actually be the “driver”. I’m really glad that we have such good friends. So we put the car in Adam’s name and finally got ourselves a car.

Wow! It seemed like Tallahassee had a hold on us.

Once we got our car, we also got a call from the bike shop saying that our bikes were done! It actually seemed like we were going to be able to get out of Florida.

We stopped at the grocery store, picked up stuff for spaghetti and a bottle of wine and toasted our current good fortune.

We spent the evening packing up and headed to bed early to get ready drive to St. Louis.

4 Replies to “Day 11: How to rent a car”

  1. not that it matters now but, budget takes debit cards.
    glad you’re in a car, stay alive.

  2. Keep your helmuts on, attach all baggage to back exterior of rental, and just drive the it through bike lanes. Keep your speed at 30 mph. It still counts. WILL YOU PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE OF THAT

  3. man, Tallahassee did have a hold on you guys!! I didn’t know about all that (until just now).

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