Days 9 & 10: Extended Stay

Wednesday, June 17th – Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Tallahassee, FL (0 mi / 0 km)

Day 9

Relaxing, reading, napping, staying inside all day – polar opposite of what we had been doing. We’re giving Amy’s arm time to heal.

Wednesday night, some friends come over and we play the Tallahassee version of “Arul’s First Date”, for those who know what that is. They call it “Telephone Pictionary”, and in either format it is a very fun party game. This is basically how it goes (Tally style):

  1. Given the number of players, n, tear up n*n small blank sheets of paper and give everyone a stack of n sheets (e.g. with 8 players, everyone gets a stack of 8 sheets). Also give everyone a writing utensil.
  2. Think of a phrase or sentence and writes it down on your first piece of paper (e.g. I do not like green eggs and ham). Flip the stack of papers over and pass it to the player on your right.
  3. Start a 1 minute timer, flip the stack in front of you face up, and draw your interpretation of what was written by the previous person. When you’re done or the timer runs out, flip your stack over and pass it to the player on your right.
  4. Repeat step 3, except write your interpretation of the drawing.
  5. Continue until the stack makes it all the way around, alternating drawn and written descriptions.
  6. Share each stack one at a time and try not to laugh too hard 🙂

It’s fun for Adam and Casey to have us over – they say it feels like vacation, even though they’re working.

Day 10

More of the same. We attempt to bike to Winn Dixie, and I manage to fubar my rear derailleur. VERY frustrating. We drive to Winn Dixie instead, to pick up a movie and ice cream. Gran Turino was awesome and definitely worth renting.