Not broken

So far so good. Amy’s arm isn’t broken according to the doctor, though the x-ray is going to the radiologist to make sure. We’ll be in Tally at least another couple of days. 🙂

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  1. Well I’m glad to hear that it’s not broken!!! I love the blog – it is great to see how you guys are progressing! It is truly an amazing adventure that you are on (hospital trips and all). Keep your spirits up – train rides are fun too!

  2. Hey guys, Sarah told me about your blog and I cannot believe (well I can) that you are really doing this. There is a kid from Lee Middle School walking to DC this summer. Maybe you will see him on the road! Safe travels and no more almost broken bones : )

  3. Wonderful news!! Mom C get home tomorrow night and that will also be wonderful news!!
    Dad C

  4. SO glad it isn’t broken! I was talking to Carrieann this morning when I opened your blog about the fall and we gasped for you! Drug it up 🙂 Have fun in Tally!

  5. In other news, I’ll be blazing a carbon trail as I head to NYC via jet plane Friday!!!!!!!
    Seriously, people have described your journey as inspirational. I’d say insane, but insanity ain’t bore’in. That story about the lady and her son was awesome. Glad to hear your arm is ok but I’m sure it hurts pretty bad. No one would hassle you if you put training wheels on for a little while.

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