Many people said that riding our bikes to Canada was going to be very difficult. I knew that it would be. I also knew that I wouldn’t know how hard it was going to be until we actually tried it. Let me say it: it is very hard. I’ve only done 2 days of riding at this point and giving up has seemed real. We could rent a car and drive around for the next few months and just take pictures of us on our bikes. Would you know the difference? Probably, I’m a good storyteller, but not that good.  Truthfully, I can say that I don’t know if we’ll make it to Canada by riding our bikes.  But we are going to try our best to try our best to ride them for a long time. By the time we did the 120 miles to Gainesville, I felt as if I’d ridden to Canada.

Did I have realistic expectations? No, but I don’t think that you can.  Did we properly train? Nope. The trip is kicking our butts, but that’s okay.  I keep a bike rider’s credo in mind: ride your ride. I am not a great biker rider.  But I do love to ride a bike.  I don’t love having a heavy bike and riding up hills.  But I love the feeling that comes at the crest of the hill and the rush that comes from flying down the hill.

At this point we’re taking it nice and slow. I hope to do 50 miles tomorrow. We probably won’t make it to Tallahassee for 3 days.  (Sorry Adam, Casey, Kelly, and Cat) The road is tough. But that’s okay. Life is about challenges and perseverance. We can hide in fear, or we can choose to live. I hope I am alive.

Miles to date: about 125

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  1. Don’t know anything about bikes, but did a bit of backpacking. Only thing I really remember was getting rid of half the stuff I thought I needed! The other thing I remember is that the only way you can get in the kind of shape that you need to be in is to actually do it. It does, therefore, get easier as time goes by. And cooler when you head north!

    Hope it gets more enjoyable soon. Good luck!


  2. Nathan & Amy,
    Hi – I am Martha Lent’s brother. We met at the RS21 event and we spoke about this fabulous excursion. I admire you guys tremendously. You have already accomplished something that maybe less than 100th of a percent of the population will ever do with just the ride to Tallahassee. Apply everything you learn, don’t make the same mistake twice. Getting to Banff will be like eating an elephant – one bite at a time. Can you make it – absolutely! My wife and I went backpacking in the Peruvian Andy’s last year. It was amazingly hard to hike at 16000 feet elevation. Our water supply froze at night, dizzyingly steep trails, constant extreme weather changes, extremely hard to breath – all part of our beautiful memories today. Yes, we thought of turning back but beleive me the literal and figurative view from the top is worth it! Don’t think about the reasons to stop – think of the reasons to keep going. Mark is right – it will get easier and more enjoyable. Stay with it!

  3. Forgot to mention – you should get 2 mosquito head nets. Buy them at any outfitter store (camping gear) for about $5. They weigh less than an ounce and fold up so you can carry them in a shirt pocket. Worth their weight in gold. My son and I backpacked at Danali in Alask a few years ago – the head nets were the most valuable thing we packed! They take a little getting used to wearing but MUCH better than not having them. Suggest also to get some high DEET spray mosquito repelant. The mosquitoes get bigger the farther north you go…. If your not familiar with DEET repellants, you may want to research them before buying. Talk to the store personnel and also here is an info link:

  4. Keep it up guys! I was thinking it might be more fun to get out of florida…take a train out and then ride in places you have no idea about..that is what i would have done! 🙂 I hate the looonngg florida roads! We’re praying and thinking of you!

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