An extra day for rest and preparation

I’ve read that flexibility is an excellent character attribute to cultivate when embarking on a bike tour (and probably any type of long-term travel). I’ve also read that it’s important to listen to your body and not try to push yourself too hard. It was 10:15pm Sunday night, we weren’t done packing, and we wanted to get an early start to do most of our biking before the heat and rain of the day.

So, we decided to postpone our departure one day. Today would have been a beautiful day for biking – slightly less hot than it has been, and less rain than usual – but it was good to have the time to finish getting everything ready without rushing. I would certainly echo other advice I’ve heard – load up your bike and go ride it around to make sure everything’s OK. Amy’s bike shimmied a bit after it was all loaded, and required some weight redistribution.

The shimmy has stopped, and we’re ready to go! Here are some pics of the bikes fully loaded, minus our backpacks, and of sleepy Olive and Michael saying goodnight.

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