Banff, Here We Come!

Once again this year my wife Amy and I will be attending the BRIDGES Art / Math Conference the last week of July. We had a wonderful time last year, and made a lot of friends and good contacts among those who love the intersections of art and math.

I’ll be showing 5 artworks, and we will be biking (yes, riding our bicycles) from Orlando to Banff in this year’s summer adventure! If you are attending we look forward to seeing you there.

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NOT what we will be riding on...
NOT what we will be riding on...

4 Replies to “Banff, Here We Come!”

  1. Great seeing you today! We look forward to following you on this adventure.

    1. @Chris Winkler
      Thanks brother! It was great to see you guys too, and we can’t wait to hear about your adventures as well.

  2. wow !!! where is Banff, it seems like it is far away. that would be sooo cool if you were riding those bikes with the huge wheel in the front lol

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